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Here are a few things to know during your stay:
  • Free WiFi: network is Sierra Meadows (no password required)
  • Check-out is at 11am. Departing before this time will give our housekeeping team enough time to safely ventilate, clean and disinfect each cabin.
  • Open cabin windows & turn on fans before you depart to air the cabin out for the safety of our housekeeping team. Please turn off heat and air conditioning.
  • Swimming pool is open until Sept 30. Code for the gate is 1933.
  • Change your door code to something easier to remember: just enter the 6 digit code provided, then #, then your own 6 digit code. 
  • To ensure that all of our guests are able to relax and unwind during their stay, quiet time is from 9pm to 9am.
  • Free Bikes located behind the Camp Store: first come, first served. Helmets available - just ring the doorbell at reception.
  • Hike or bike through the 150 acres of retired golf course. Discover ponds, creeks, large sculptures & wildlife. Trailhead starts directly across the street from the Camp Store. Please do not walk on the road!
  • Camp Store is not currently open due to Covid-19. Please visit the 2 large grocery stores (Vons and Raley’s) located just 10 minutes away in Oakhurst. 





Call/Text 559.540.8999 (24 hours) or press the green doorbell at reception.


  • Our larger cabins have filtered water available next to the kitchen sink. The micro cabins have filtered water in the shared bathrooms.

  • Please keep dogs off the furniture and do not use our blankets as pet beds so that we may keep them nice for future guests. Dogs must be on leash in the cabin area and pool but are welcome to run free across the street from the cabins. Pet waste can be deposited in the metal can at the edge of the meadow behind the Camp Store. 

  • If you need trash picked up during your stay please call or text to schedule a pick up. You will find extra trash bags at the bottom of the trash can. If you are checking out please just leave trash & recycling in the cabin. Please do not leave trash or other food items outdoors as this will attract animals. We recycle glass, aluminum, paper and hard plastic (no plastic bags, styrofoam or plastic wrapping) all together in the blue bins - no need to separate. Please help us by recycling during your stay: it’s not just good for the planet, it’s also the law here.

  • More information including a local restaurant guide, property history, and a complimentary Yosemite Guide book can be found in the leather binder. We also recommend calling the Visitor Center at 559.683.4636.

  • We do not require that you check out with us but, due to high turnover, our check out is 11 am. You are welcome to spend time on the property after checking out. We also appreciate it if you can take a few minutes to wash your dishes.  

  • Fires are not allowed in this area due to extreme fire danger. You are welcome to use a small propane grill on a table or stand but no charcoal or wood barbecues are permitted by law. Thank you for helping us keep this beautiful area safe! Also, absolutely no smoking of any kind inside of the cabin. Please use ashtrays located outside the cabins.

  • Find us on social media! If you take any great photos of the property during your visit we would love to see them. You can find us on facebook and instagram 

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