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Sierra Meadows has been through many iterations, most recently transforming from a golf course and RV park into the funky glamping resort that it is today.

This land has a long and rich history. Thousands of years ago it was home to the Miwok Native Americans who spent their summers in Yosemite Valley (which they called Ahwahnee) and their winters on this property, building two large villages here. In the 1860’s, William Crooks built a cattle ranch here. His crews constructed three large ponds and a sophisticated diversion system to fill those ponds so that his cattle would have enough water to make it through the arid California summers. Over a century later, Alan Thomas and John Jameson opened the golf course in 1991, the first phase of their grand vision - which actually included two 18-hole golf courses, 600 RV spaces and dozens of homes!

Today, the 1300 acre property is transforming again. Parts of the former golf course are being replanted with a drought-tolerant mix of native wildflowers and we are slowly acquiring & installing large scale sculptures. We invite you to explore the paths of the old golf course, discover hidden artwork, find places to sit and reflect, and listen to the thousands of birds that call this area home. The swimming pool is also a great place to unwind in the intense summer heat.


If you venture up to the clubhouse parking lot, you will also see our new solar power array - which conveniently doubles as a shade structure for your car.


Our goal is to provide a place for you to stay, relax and unwind without interruption from our staff. We look forward to meeting you!

- Charlie, Mike, Reid, Michelle, Courtney, Nevada, Scott and the entire Sierra Meadows Staff

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