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This land has a long and rich history. Thousands of years ago it was home to the Miwok Native Americans who spent their summers in Yosemite Valley (which they called Ahwahnee) and their winters on this property, building two large villages here. In the 1860’s, William Crooks built a cattle ranch on the property. His crews constructed three large ponds and a sophisticated diversion system to fill those ponds so that his cattle would have enough water to make it through the arid California summers. In 1991 the land was developed into the Sierra Meadows Golf Club.


Today, the 1300 acre property is transforming again. Parts of the former golf course are being replanted with a drought-tolerant mix of native wildflowers and we are slowly acquiring & installing large scale sculptures. We invite you to explore the paths of the old golf course, discover hidden artwork, find places to sit and reflect, and listen to the thousands of birds that call this area home. The swimming pool is also a great place to unwind in the intense summer heat.

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Just across the street from the cabins you will find 140 acres of beautiful meadows. This expansive former golf course is a wonderful place to explore with your friends or your dog, full of ponds, creeks, birds, huge granite boulders, hammocks, and large scale sculptures.

With 6 miles of concrete trails, you will find plenty of spots to explore. Relax by the creek in a hammock and listen to the birds. Take in the views of Deadwood Mountain from one of several vista points.


The antidote to a hot summer day is a dip in our beautiful pool. Located next to the clubhouse, just 300 yards from the cabins, the swimming pool is stocked with beach towels and has its own bathrooms for changing. 

Our custom-made aluminet shade structure will keep the sun at bay with 70% opacity. Relax in our lounge chairs and groove to the music from our outdoor sound system. You'll also enjoy a great view of the clubhouse pond right next to the pool area. The pool is open each year from May 1 - September 30. 


We have a selection of sturdy 3 speed bikes for you to choose from at no extra charge. Grab one of our cruisers and pedal over to the lodge for an afternoon swim. Helmets available if you're into that sort of thing.


We have over 130 different species of birds here on the property! Everything from great blue herons and turkeys down to hummingbirds and brewer's blackbirds. The birds particularly love our ponds so that's a great place to start your search for a snowy egret or red tailed hawk.

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